It’s about time.

On Friday, I drove to the county building and filed my official “Doing Business As” paperwork. That means Wise Choice Media is real. That means I’m not just pretending. I. Am. Here.

So here’s to taking pictures. Here’s to taking YOUR picture. Here’s to taking thousands more pictures. Here’s to editing those pictures, posting those pictures, being proud of those pictures.

Here’s to getting really good at social media and helping others get really good at social media.

I’m constantly tweaking the Facebook page and the website and my views on pretty much everything. Don’t be alarmed.

If you’ve liked my Facebook page already, thank you. I’ll try not to bombard you with posts that annoy you.



Changes and Whatnot

I’m working on some changes to the site so that I can make things a little more profitable around here. 

What would you like to see on the site? More pictures, more writing? A more concrete pricing structure? (Well, that’s not happening… just saying.) 

What social media and photography topics do you want to talk about? 

Should I have a Facebook Page for Wise Choice Media?